The Country Club At Woodmore  Tennis Classes

Kids/Junior Classes 


April 18th 2020

Saturdays 3pm-4pm  

Discounted Early Registration 

Fun Introduction For kids learn tennis  fundamentals,movement and how to hit the tennis ball.  


25.00 per class

Kids/Juniors 4-12 

Adult Classes/Clinics 


The journey begins… If you’ve never picked up a racquet or have been away from the sport for a while this class is perfect for you! this class is designed to teach you the basic tennis skills quickly


25.00 Per class 

Beginner Adult Clinic 


April 18th  

Saturdays 4pm-5pm  

Discounted Early Registration 

Music, fun and tennis, come out and socialize. 3.0+ plus welcomed, come  participate in live ball play with others of similar levels. Every Thursday Night. The Following week class is posted on Thursday nights.   



3.0+ Liveball  Drop In Clinic 


Heart Pumping Fitness! Get an amazing workout And learn skills in the Process 2.0+ Recommend level to join 


25.00 Per class 

Cardio Tennis Clinic COMING SOON

Coming Soon 



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