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At Miles Ahead Tennis, we believe the foundation of a successful tennis career is a supportive, knowledgeable coaching team dedicated to nurturing both your skills and personal growth. Our standout coaching staff combines deep love for the game with a commitment to fostering your development, ensuring every session is impactful. Our structured program is tailored to accommodate athletes of varying skill levels, from novices eager to learn the basics to advanced players aiming to dominate the court. Whether you’re interested in joining a group, forming one, or seeking private lessons, Miles Ahead Tennis offers comprehensive solutions to meet your tennis needs. Elevate your game with us—book your session at Miles Ahead Tennis today and start playing with confidence.”

Services We Offer 

Take a look At Classes at out Locations 

Doubles Match

Group Tennis Lessons 

Join the Action at Miles Ahead Tennis Clinics! Whether you're a beginner taking the first swing or a seasoned player sharpening your skills, we offer a range of clinics to suit every level. Dive into our 5-week beginner sessions to get a solid start or drop by for our flexible clinics to fit your busy schedule. For a specialized challenge, join our liveball clinics at select locations. Ready to play? Select your location and see the schedule!




Wheaton Indoor Tennis

Private Lessons 

Experience personalized improvement with Miles Ahead Tennis private lessons. Our top coaches deliver simple, effective instruction tailored just for you. Book now for undivided attention and clear, easy-to-master tennis concepts. We also offer sparring sessions where you hit with a professional while getting professional coaching, a special experience only offered at MilesAheadTennis 

Tennis Class

Tennis Events 🎉 

Run Your Tennis Event With MilesAheadTennis We provide Certified Instructors, and Acess to a country club so you can include snacks to Full Course Meals!  We also Work With Communities and HOAs To Bring a Full Fledged Programs Right to your Community 

Play Tennis Earn Rewards💸

Earn up to 20% Cash Back On Every Purchase-Apply It To Group Lessons, Private Coaching Or Events!


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